Do This. Do It Now. And Do It Cause I Said So….

7 10 2008

For my close friends, they will all tell you that Politics are the last thing on my mind in starting up a conversation. In fact, if some girl has “has to be politically active” on their list of things they need in a man… go right ahead and scratch me off that possible list.

I’ve got my views. I’ve got my opinions. I’ve got my pre-conceived notions. I’ve got my facts. I’ve got my lies. And they’re all mine. You can’t tell me I’m right, or I’m wrong cause they’re mine. That would be why I shall not share them with you, and we will get along splendidly. (By the way, cool word splendidly. Seriously, type it out. Splendidly. You’d think I was high right now…. Rooooo-Ads!)

Anyway, while all my own political views are mine, and yours are yours, I still think, regardless of who you are and who you want to win, you HAVE to vote!

With that being said… please watch this video.

There it is folks… register to vote. Do it. Do it Now!

Because like I’ve said many times…

If you don’t vote, you have no right to complain.

And remember to Vote Obi Wan Kenobi…. He’s our only hope….

ps. Shout to JDub, and Mego who have both posted this video, and to some of my MySpace friends who have done the same. Make sure it spreads.