Pick 6… 6 Hour Holiday Train Ride Edition…

21 12 2008

I have just gotten home from one of the worst trips in my life. It was long, cold, snowy, and stressful. However I made it in one piece and my brother got married off. So there are two positives.

Another positive, is finding out that the train station is a hot bed for hot women. You see, my family picked up more family at the wedding, there was no longer any more room for me and one of my brothers to ride back home. So, my mother purchased train tickets for us to ride home, sooner than the fam and hopefully in time for me to make it home and to work. Well, none of the plans worked, and I’m not sure how much I want to get into it. I’m probably going to save it for another blog. Possibly.

So that is why I was at the train station. Upon arriving, and after handing 26 cents to the hobo outside, I felt as if good karma would be granted upon my traveling soul. Well as I mentioned before it wasn’t. But I guess the traveling gods did reward me in populating the train station with beautiful women. After being shuffled around from line to line, I was given the opportunity to have a stunning blonde stand right behind my brother and I. After waiting in line for what seemed to be an hour or so, we got to talking.

Turns out, she, like me, was a train virgin and we were confused as to how boarding procedures were to take place. We chatted back and forth and come to find out, had she lived closer we would be happily married. She’s almost a lawyer (half way through law school) works for giant law firm, potentially setting herself up to be a sugar momma, blonde, allegedly loves The Warehouse, fell down on her way to a liquor store in the ice, and quoted movies. Plus, she put up with my constant berating of her attending Washington State University, which in my book is not only warranted, but you should actually see it coming.

We chatted up until it was time to board where we were both separated like cattle to their impending doom. Had I actually had some sort of game whatsoever I probably should have asked for some sort of contact information, you know, like her number or something. However I believe the distance between us would ultimately be our demise.

I felt like Lloyd Christmas as he drops of Mary Swanson…

So ultimately I boarded my car (term used for each individual train section. Mine was the last.) put on the headphones and set forth cranked out a Pick 6 on my phone.

Pick 6 is where I put my iPod on Shuffle and tell a little story about each song that comes up….
without further ado.

Times Like These – Foo Fighters
For some odd reason I love acoustic music. I’m not sure what or why it is, but I love it. I’ve mentioned before just how much I loved MTV’s Unplugged. One of (if not THE) greatest acoustic albums ever came from this show. Nirvana’s Unplugged is this album. So it didn’t surprise me in the least that a member of Nirvana, Dave Grohl, put out what I consider the second best acoustic album of all time. Skin and Bones. Now I know not technically completely acoustic but dammit it’s close enough. This version of this song is my all time favorite. I’ve also seen the Foo Fighters live, and while their performance, was good I feel a bit slighted that I didn’t get this performance at my show. This version is truly fantastic, and on numerous occasions has given me goosebumps.
An amazing start to a Pick 6, as I stare out the window to the white snow surrounding me.

My Name Is Jonas – Weezer
Back in high school, as I’ve mentioned many times before, Weezer rocked my alterna-teen life. In addition to Weezer my friends we in a band called the Flux Capacitors, and they tore this song up whenever they played it! I may or may not have been a Flux Capacitors groupie. Whatever. Sadly the Flux Capacitors broke up, and Weezer went on to do great things.

Ready or Not – The Fugees
Back in the day, MTV played videos. Shocking I know. This video was the SHIIIIT! I loved it. And racists claims aside, Lauryn Hill is amazing in this song. I’m not even ashamed to admit her solo album was amazing too. I even owned it, in fact I think I bought it, back when people bought cd’s. I also bought Wyclef’s album The Carnival. That my friends has some tracks on it. I highly recommend that one to any one who loves some hip hop. Man writing this and being reminded of how great the Fugees were, makes me wish they would get back together.

I Write Sins Not Tradgedies – Panic! at the Disco
At first I wasn’t a big fan of this song. In fact I used to tease my former boss (who may or may not be in the target demographic for alterna-teen rock bands) that her and my pre-teen sister could go hang out and pick up the latest Panic! cd at Hot Topic, along with some cool Panic! at the Disco t-shirts. Apparently they’re 2 for 1 these days. Anyway after months of harassment from me, my boss loaned me the cd, and I had to end my harassment of her love of bands that were appealing to middles schoolers, for I too found a small admiration for these boys. It also helped that the Program Director for the station decided once every two and a half hours would be good spacing for this song. I slowly resented this song. It comes on my iPod so infrequently, and to this day, I still find myself tapping my foot.

You’re Nobody, Till Somebody Loves You – Dean Martin
First time I ever heard this song, was when it played in the background of my favorite movies of all time. Swingers. As images of LA nightlife are splashed across your screen this wonderfully true song from Dean Martin serenades you and sets the tone for a movie, in which finding someone to love is the ultimate goal. Often times I find myself wanting to be part of the Rat Pack. Those boys not only ruled The Vegas, but set a precedent for cool, that to this day, I believe has gone unmatched. Plus they pulled a lot of tail. In fact, Dean probably would have gotten Hot Lawyer girls phone number or nailed her on the train…
The soundtrack for swingers not only includes this song, but many other big band greats. I recommend the movie and the soundtrack, especially if your needing a little swagger in your life.

Sweet Caroline – Neil Diamond
This is one of the greatest songs of all time. And I’m surprised it’s taken this long to make the Pick 6. There is NO better feeling in the worl than singing this song, with some random you just met, drinking a not so cold beer, after pounding down a Fenway Frank and watching the Sox win at Fenway Park. Every time I think of the trip my friend Haggy and I took to Boston last fall, I think of this moment, and this song. Fenway has a special place in my heart. As does this memory. When things are down, when life just isn’t going right, I can always think of Sweet Caroline in Fenway Park.

(as a sidenote, this past year I got a phone call from my former college roommate RPG. At first it was completely inaudible as to what was going on. And then… there it was. Sweet Caroline! But the Sox weren’t at home, and it wasn’t a magical mess of fans singing the song… No my friends, it was the man himself Neil Diamond performing live at Fenway Park. RPG had tickets in centerfield, where Jacoby Ellsbury roams the field. RPG figured I would enjoy hearing Neil at Fenway Park.

I did.

That concludes our Pick 6 for the day….

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Until Next Time…