Man Good. Woman Bad.

21 02 2008

I can’t say I’m surprised really.

Everyone knows women are the weaker sex, and shouldn’t be anywhere teaching young boys things.

I mean, who’s crazy idea was it to let women enter the workforce in the first place?? Not mine. Who wants an employee that is emotional for 5 days out of the month EVERY month. Or who wants an employee with a smaller brain. Or who wants an employee that makes rash emotional decisions? Who wants an employee who can’t operate the company car?
Not Me!

So I applaud you St. Mary’s! You took a step in the right direction! Way to take a stand in regards to the inferior gender!

Next thing you know women will be getting the right to vote.

sidebar: In closing. I find it hilarious that St. Mary’s believes that women should have no authority over men. Obviously not one of their leaders is married.