The Greatest Story Ever Told…13

After many many years of toiling away in the construction business, I quit and followed my heart.

In what has become the final chapter in this story, here I am, graduating with honors from Law School.

Ever since Jimmy’s passing, I swore I would do more good in the world. And considering I got off on a technicality because my lawyer was “good.” I figured why not continue on Jimmy’s memory by getting people like him and I a second, third, sometimes fourth chance at life.

You see, even the most hardened criminals, transients, and drifters can change and really make something of themselves. I stand before you as a lawyer, a reformed drifter, and reclaim my place in this world as a respected man of the community.

And for this I have pride, and not an ounce of shame.

However, ditching my woman and her baby right after this photo was shot, not my finest moment…



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