TypicalJust a guy living in the Pacific Northwest writing down my trials and tribulations. I enjoy watching reality tv and often times find that it inspires my writings, and makes me dumber the more I watch. Which is why I combat this with doing Crosswords on Yahoo.com. Sometimes, I even finish with out using the hints tool.

I find that I enjoy the Red Sox, and all that encompasses that. My first baseball game ever was at Fenway park when I was eight years old. So I don’t need people calling me a “new fan” etc etc.  I also enjoy European futbol. Some good ole Manchester United makes my day. 

I love watching movies, and could talk movies all day long. I’m the dude that quotes movies in obscure situations, then has to explain it, therefore ruining the joke it in the process. And that’s fine. Other than that, I’m a pretty normal guy. I have a thing for grammar and spelling but find I mess it up all the time. So I don’t usually call people out on it. Unless it’s a lot. Huge pet peeve. A lot is two words people. TWO!

I hate hippies, the outdoors, and the Yankees. If you dislike these things, I’m pretty sure we could become great friends. And who doesn’t like friends.

  I started this blog in hopes that I would be rich. Then realized 800 million people also had that idea in mind, so I figured I’d just write and have fun. And so I do. 

I hope you enjoy. 

ps, I added a picture so when I go off and judge people, and you say to yourself, who does this guy think he is…. well, now you’ll know. 


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