So I’m a Bad Blogger….

21 11 2008

It’s true. I’ve been terrible.

As it turns out going back to work at The Warehouse has not only drained me mentally, but also physically. I’m almost always tired leaving work, no matter how long I’m there. In addition to being tired, I also find it terrible that EVERY time I get off work, I want to drink.

And I’m not talking about getting drinks with friends. I’m actually talking about drinking straight from a bottle of Jack.

Which reminds me… I need a new bottle (half gallon) of Jack. I’m just sayin.

Work is slowly killing me I think. I found out that next week (Thanksgiving) I’m scheduled to work in the Bakery. Now I’m not sure what this entails, but since people are completely lazy in this world, they would much rather go and buy an already made pumpkin pie instead of baking one themselves. So The Warehouse essentially runs thier bakery 24 hours a day during the coming week. Yeah, you read that right, 24 hours a day. Since I am seasonal, I was “picked” to be on said bakery help detail to make sure all the girls and boys have their “homemade” pumpkin pie.

I’ve heard too that I could be labeling the pies before they’re put out on the table for the people to pickup. Eight hours of pie labeling. By the way, did you also know that people will wait in a line the wraps around the ENTIRE inside wall of the building out the door to get such said pies. Heads up people…. it takes LESS TIME TO BAKE ONE!

I think the best part about my life as it is right now, is that the bakery gets to listen to a radio station whilst working. And guess which radio station they listen too…. that’s right the station I used to program.

Fucking sweet.

By the way… the tone of this blog isn’t going to get any better, so either buckle up, or go check out Perezhilton.

I had two days off this week and I relish my days off. You would think I would buckle down get some laundry done, or clean my room, or shower. I, however, do none of those things and continue to play World of Warcraft. The new expansion came out last week, and I would be lying if I said I haven’t been playing. I’ve been playing a lot. The cool thing is, most of my entire family plays. I’ve got a huge family so it’s fun when we can all share something. We all play, and sometimes we schedule times to be online so we can catch up all while killing monsters and living in a fantasy world.

I suppose I don’t have to be the guy who works at The Warehouse, lives at home with his parents, and is a lot closer to being 30 than would like to admit.

Today I took a break from that fantasy world long enough to essentially go on a date with my mom. Deep down inside I’m a huge momma’s boy. She taught me a lot in this world. She taught me how to be respectful to all sorts of people. She taught me how to treat a woman. She taught me how to drive impatiently. She taught me how to judge people. (Most of the time she taught me this every time I brought a girlfriend home to meet mom and dad. Dad liked them because they were cute, my mom judged them left/right and up and down. She’s pretty good.)

She needed to buy some new shoes for my brother and sister. My sister, entering her first year on the JV2 basketball team, needed new shoes because no one in our family of 6 boys and 1 girl (the youngest) EVER played basketball in highschool. We all played soccer, or were in theater. So the girl needed some basketball shoes, and my best friend happens to work for a giant shoe company that owns half the world. Turns out they have their employee store right here in my hometown.

Well, my best friend got my mom passes to go to the employee store, but she said she needed some help picking out shoes because she has no idea what to get. So I volunteered to go.

Sidebar: The employee store of this company is the greatest store in the world. Trust me. THE. GREATEST.

So we go to the store, and have a great time. She even picked up some shirts for me. Cause she’s that nice. I was successful in picking shoes out for both my brother and sister, and they indeed were a big hit.

After the store, she asks if she could buy me lunch. I agree and she suggest a GREAT new burger place in town called 5 Guys Burger and Fries. I had previously never eaten there and I must say, that place was awesome. All the serve is burgers and fries. Literally. The burgers my friends were awesome too. I felt like I had just eaten a burger from a friends BBQ and we were about to watch the game. These are what make good burgers.

I’ve realized I’m not a kid anymore though. I realize that in being almost 30 years old, my conversations with my mom aren’t what they used to be. We no longer talk about the game coming up this weekend. We no longer talk about what Santa is going to bring me. Instead we talk about life.

and if you didn’t know already…… life is not fun.

While eating, my mom and I started talking about health and what not. My mom informed me that at her recent Dr. appointment they found a cyst in one of her breasts. I’m immediately shocked, and I think she can tell by the look on my face. (Or the fact I dropped a french fry.) She tried to reassure me that things were actually ok. In fact they are. Turns out that as of this moment, the cyst is too small to even do a biopsy. They told her that there is nothing she can do right now because of the size of the cyst. This concerned her (and me) because my families history of breast cancer. Her mom had it, her aunt had it. So it’s common on her side of the family. The assured her that waiting is the best course of action at this time.

So, all day after the date with my mom, I’ve been thinking about things. My biggest fear in life has always been something happening to my family and me not being able to do anything about it. Although some people who are close to me, may tell you my biggest fear is the deep ocean/spiders, I can honestly tell you, it’s not. (However a close 2nd/3rd.)

I know early detection is the best action in any case. And from what she said, this is very early. So I’m glad for that.

I know most of my readers are good friends of mine. And with that being said, I didn’t write this for a pitty party. I didn’t write this for an “outpouring” of support. I wrote this because you are amazing friends.

I wrote this because I’m terrible at talking about what bothers me. I’m terrible at picking up the phone and calling people. I like to bottle things in. I, like most of the people who buy their pies, am incredibly lazy, and calling people is a lot of effort. I told a friend earlier today…. “You’ve got a good family. You’ve got good friends. And You’re healthy. These are the only real things that matter in life. Jobs, money, and all the other intangibles will work themselves out.”

I’m reminding my self of these things on a daily basis. I’ve got GREAT friends. I’ve got the most AMAZING family. And other than a broken pinky, I’m pretty healthy.

Things are looking up.

for those of you who are curious, both my aunt and grandma beat breast cancer.