Summertime Update

9 07 2008

Hey all…

just thought I would drop by and update you all on the goings on of, well, me.

The attempt at going to the gym has been ongoing. I’m glad to report I’m going more days that I’m not. However in recent news, I feel as if I have obtained a stress fracture in my foot. I’m not sure how or when, I just know that when I run on the treadmill I have shooting pains from my ankle up my calf. The rest of the time my ankle feels great. So this put a damper on my hopes and dreams of running a full marathon and breaking the little tape banner at the end. I’ve moved on now from the treadmill to the elliptical machine.

I can’t tell you how degrading the whole feeling of an elliptical machine is. I know my little computer in front of me is telling me that I’ve gone the same distance, I’ve burned the same calories, but to be honest, it just doesn’t feel the same. Of course it could also be the fact that yesterday some 80 year old lady was whoopin my ass not only in miles, but also in resistance.

I happen to have a gigantic competitive streak in my body. I can turn almost anything into a competition. Most of which I think I can win. In the realm of working out, I need these competitions to continue to do what I do. So imagine my surprise when I was indeed losing out to grandma.

I was indeed angry. My only solace came from working out right underneath the air conditioning. I love the air conditioning.

I’ve also picked up some boxing. About a year or two ago I was actually enrolled and taking boxing classes. Well that came to a halt when I began working two different jobs, then got promoted and wasn’t able to make the classes. This was a tad disappointing for I love boxing, because not only is a great workout, and huge stress reliever, but I am able to effectively use this on my little brothers. To great success mind you.

My family indeed got a heavy bag in which was placed outside, and in addition to my acting like a gazelle running from a lion, I’ve been hitting the heavy bag every day as well. All of this was fine and dandy until I garnered another injury involving my knuckles. I can’t say exactly what happened, cause I don’t know. I do however know that my middle knuckle on my right had (the one I use for knocking someone out) is really sore.

All of this is neither here nor there, but I just would like to point out, none of these are beneficial as I get older, aaaaaaand, having no health insurance to determine the extent of these injuries is loads of fun too.

In recent developments I found this weeks sign that the apocalypse is upon us.
Just about my entire family has decided to join facebook. This, my friends, is not good.

Quick question, how many of you have gone through and looked at all the available options for keeping your profile private? Maybe one? Possibly two of you?

Well ladies and gents, I have. The thing of it is, and I’m not sure I’ve brought this up before in my blog, but I was indeed raised Mormon. Now those of you that have followed along, will know that I may not be the best Mormon they have ever met, and my friends themselves can attest that I may not be the best Mormon ever.

With that being said, I have gone through taken out all the pictures of me drinking, and carousing with sluts. (The later part really doesn’t happen I just thought I’d right that to sound a little more bad ass.) In addition I’ve gone through and removed all tagging of me. At frist I thought being tagged was a cool thing. That way if hot friends of hot friends ever saw me on random pages, they would be able to be like….ooooh who’s that? Oh that’s his name I should totally “poke” him.

While this scenario has never come to fruition, the scenario of friends tagging me participating in a beer pong tourney and my newly internet savvy family coming across pictures of me standing on the podium championship trophy in hand is 100% likely. (And with my luck, going to happen regardless.)

However, I have been moved to all of my families “top friends,” so I gotta be excited about that, right?

In other news all my shenanigans and debauchery can be found on MySpace.

The last part of all this, I was back at the radio station helping them out because one of their promotions people left suddenly. I got a call from Mives (who happens to be one of my favorite people let alone one of my favorite bosses) asking me if I could come back and help. I agreed and back at the station I was.

It was quite the expierence really. I went from a big sweet office with a huge window and comfy chairs to, sitting in a cube with 3 other people. It was different. The thing that hasn’t changed was the people that are there. I have a lot of friends at that place and it was great working with them again. I can honestly say that I miss the people there. They make that place amazing, and I was a bit bummed to be gone again.

Which brings me to this, I am no longer at the station and back to trying to find a job again. Which is one of the worst things in the entire world.

I’ve got some pretty sweet shenanigans coming up like a birthday celebration, and a college friends wedding so maybe just maybe I’ll have some funnier stuff to post…. until then.



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