I’m The Only One Who Laughed….

9 06 2008

So since it was nice yesterday I decided that there could only be one thing to help me past these last couple of weeks…. yup, retail therapy. I had to buy something.

I am a self proclaimed consujmre whore. I’m not ashamed and it’s been well documented. There have been many times late at night in college where a Taco Bell add would come on, and I had to pursuade my roomate to get up and go. (it really wasn’t that hard, but still.)

So as I do most Sunday’s I read the comics, the Sports section, and then on to the sale papers. In reading the Target add I noticed that they had framed artwork of MLB Stadiums, which included Fenway Park. I love stadium artwork, I think it’s really cool. So of course the consumer-whorism kicked in and off to Target I drove.

It was a beautiful day. So the sunroof was open, windows down and top 40 pop Gangster rap was playing through the stereo speakers. I ran into Best Buy, Sports Authority, and finally on to Target.

People of the northwest will hate me, but I hate to be outside when it’s too hot. Can’t stand it. Hate it. People are shocked when I say this. It doesn’t get too hot, too often and when it does, people just bust out all sorts of “we’ve been in the grey for sooooo long, I don’t care that I’m wearing birtkenstocks with socks.” But me, no sir, outside when it’s too hot is not for me… I sir, will enjoy the comforts of shopping and air conditioning. And you had better belive Target had the AC in full effect. God Bless you Target.

It was at the first Target that they informed me that they did not have the Fenway print I was looking for, but another one did. So it was off in my car to the next Target.

On my way to the next Target that I saw what literally made me laugh out loud in my car. And it’s one of those things that I’m writing about, that I don’t think anyone will care about. But I busted up laughing.

As I’m rounding the corner I see this portly young man, not on a jog, not on a run, but a dead sprint! I can only think, he’s headed to the video game store down the street. At frist I thought this young lad would get winded and stop. But then….. it happened. I realized why my young friend was in such a hurry. It may actually have been the destination to make it to the game store, but people, there is no way this young man was making it to the game store at such pace.

He did however, manage to make it at a dead sprint to the Little Caesars mascot on the sidewalk with sign in hand for $5 pizzas! As I passed this beautiful couple, which could only be explained as watching a cheesy movie where the couple had not see each other and go running towards each other in a lavish field, there was a beautiful moment where a running/jumping high five was exchanged. Which was met with what I can only imgaine was a shout of glee.


Unfortunately this is not the kid with the masoct.

These little instances people are what make my day.

I wonder if he made it to the Video Game Shop.



One response

10 06 2008

I’m confused, was the portly young man rushing towards the $5 pizza deal or the mascot? Do you think he was trying to embarrass a friend of his who was the mascot? Could he just have a love for mascots? Because mascot love is serious…and AWESOME.

Although Little Caesar there looks like a dirty old man.

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