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18 05 2008

I pretty much love How I Met Your Mother. LOVE IT! Barney Stinson is amazing. The show reminds me way to much of my own life.

I mean it’s really weird some of the parallels that I’ve drawn from some of the episodes.

Like Okay Awesome where they all go to a club in NY and the majority of the episode is done subtitles. Which was freakin awesome. Everyone who’s ever been to a club know just how hard it is to talk to someone at a club. 90% of the time, you have no idea what the other person said. Or they’re leaning in so close to your ear, that you can actually feel your eardrum being pierced with each syllable. So as of late I can’t say I’ve been a big fan of “going out” to the clubs. But when a good friend comes into town and you’ve got VIP, you go.

My good friend Ms. C(the italics are for emphasis for being that awesome, kinda like a Ms. Janet if your nasty kinda thing. In addition that will be the last mention of Ms. Janet if ya nasty ever again in this blog). came rolling into town from DC. So I made it a point to make it to the club. The whole experience reminded me of the episode. Ms C. and I hanging out having some drinks, and talking some mad shit! I mean, to everyone. Being an asshole is probably one of my favorite things to do… and when combined with some friends, and Jack, I can be pretty funny. The beauty and the parallel came because of the loud music, and no one being able to hear us except the two of us. Which is good, cause Pop-and-lock dude probably would have wanted to kick my ass. Which, considering, would be merited.

Another parallel that actually came from that same episode was when Barney unwittingly was dancing with his cousin. And after laughing my ass off, I couldn’t help but realize this was another parallel in my life. Wait, not my life, but essentially a friend of a friend may or may not have dated a cousin of theirs. Allegedly the cousin was twice removed or through marriage so “technically” ok, but still… another strange parallel.

Then of course there is the episode where Barney goes after the cougar. A little time back my friend Mr. Royal had moved and we didn’t spend the quality time we used to. Back in the day we used to know who each of us was “running game” on and whether or not we approved. (we totally did 99% percent of the time cause are standards are AWESOME.) Well once the move took place we didn’t quite have the communication about the lady friends we once did. So it came to my surprise the day Mr. Royal had let me in on his current conquest of a cougar. I was taken aback. But I knew that if anyone was netting a cougar, at least Mr. Royal’s was hot.

Another parallel that most guys will attest to is of course the “crazy eyes.” At one point one of the characters starts dating a new girl. Upon the first meeting the two other guys notice right away that the chick has “crazy eyes.” For those of you who don’t know (ladies) some people have crazy eyes. I’m not talking about a lazy eye, or being cross eye, it is literally a window to the soul of the individual. It lets us know that you are indeed crazy. You may not be now, you may not be soon, but you will indeed be crazy… and it is in fact in the eyes.

Speaking of crazy…

This graph is true. TBIC.

Lastly one of my favorite episodes from this season was No Tomorrow. Where the main character Ted, utilizes St. Patrick’s Day to live like there is no tomorrow. Literally drinking a ton and making out with random girls. He wakes up in the morning and has to have Marshall recount his evening activities. This episode spoke to me on so many levels. First, this is one of the only tv shows to recognize SPD for what is is. Another day for people to gather and get shit faced by as early as 2 pm, on a weekday. I am not going to lie, I’ve skipped work for SPD. I’ve taken 2 days off of work one year for what can only be described as the Perfect Storm of Drinking. It happened to be the first two days of the NCAA March Madness Tournament on Thursday and Friday and SPD Celebrations all weekend long. Unlike the guys on that fateful trip, I did not die. And at some point in my life, my story of the Perfect Storm of Drinking, shall be heard.

The second part of the episode, I believe I already documented by the amount I drank and what I remember. There was no making out with girls, but I indeed had to have a friend recount some of the nights activities. Another parallel.

I’m not sure if it’s just because I’m the same age as the characters in the show. Or if it’s cause I’m going through some of the same things they are. But I love How I Met Your Mother. I think you will too. Make sure to check it out, Mondays at 8:30pm on CBS. If you have other things to do… make sure to at least Tivo it and watch when you have some free time. I can guarantee the time spent watching will be LEGENDARY!

ps… if you already watch and haven’t already, make sure to check out Barney’s blog.



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20 05 2008
Miss E

I feel special now. I love you.

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