Blog Virgin

17 02 2008

That title may in fact be a lie.

I’m not really a blog virgin. I’ve blogged successfully many times over at And by Blogging over at MySpace I mean posting a ton of bulletins everyday till my friends all delete me. Thats how I got here. I’m trying to obtain some new internet friends.This is, however, my first blog at So by technicality I’m a blogging virgin. 

I suppose I’m going to use this opportunity to write down things I like. Write down things I hate. Things that intrigue me. Hopefully, I’ll have a small devout following that I can give a trendy little cult name too. Like the Sarcasasites. Or, Sarcasonians. Yeah, I think that could be a little fun. I could even have them do my bidding.

I guess basically I’m going to use this as another way to inflate my ego. 

To start off, I feel as if there needs to be an explanation  as to why I chose my particular blog “theme.” While surfing through the descriptions of the themes, many of them were very cool. Like some hip trendy color schemes, or some neat look like a journalist themes, or even some, I’m a dark emo wanting to kill myself black themes. 

While all of these themes felt like they would fit me perfectly, this particular theme stood out from all the rest because of its description. “basic regal and elegant design.” Fuck yeah! Regality and Elegance is my fucking middle name!  

And thus a blog was born. 

And kids if you are following along in your book, you’d realize that a blog has been born, yet I’m a blogging virgin….

That’s right boys and girls…

The Immaculate Blog.  glowing-bible.jpg 



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