17 02 2008

By all accounts I shouldn’t be an addict.

I grew up with a great family. Loving parents who are still together. And still Love each other. Great home life with a large family and huge amounts of support. I was an athlete in high school and in college. My life was constantly filled with 3 hour daily practices, running, and working out.

Things have since changed.

I’m trying to look back in my life and figure out how and when I became and addict. I know because of recent events in my life things have gotten worse. I lost my job, I’m not playing sports, and while my family is supportive…I actually blame them.

You see I believe this all started with my dad.

Go figure another person with daddy issues. I learned it from him. Watching him, admiring him, almost worshiping him. Who’s really all the surprised that I’m an addict now. The more I think about it the more I realize he’s the one who’s infected this whole family. I mean it was my little brother who introduced it to me. Who got it from dad. I can’t believe I didn’t see this coming.

I had realized that things were in the depth of despair the other day when to my shock, I saw my little sister of 14 years of age…… she was in. She’s now addicted. And it’s all my dads fault.

I’ve gotta find someway to stop. Maybe there is someone I can call. Maybe there is someplace I can go. I just really need help. There has got to be some sort of cure out there.

Someway of reversing this need… this desire…….

……to play World of Warcraft. 
WoW Title

Yeah that’s right. I’m totally addicted to WoW.

And it really did start with my dad. He’s a geek. Like a HUGE geek. He wasn’t popular. He wasn’t an athlete. He wasn’t a ladies man.What he was, was a Dungeons and Dragons playing, Lord of the Rings Reading, trumpet playing geek.

And it’s rubbed off on me and the rest of my siblings. Some of us hide it a lot more than the others. Like me. If you knew who I was and met me, the last thing you’d ever expect me to fill my day with would be World of Warcraft, but thanks in part to some recessive genes, BAM…. I fill my day with a fantasy realm where I go around kicking ass. 

I can’t say I’m really ashamed. Cause I’m not. There are 10 million participants of World of Warcraft. That’s almost as many people as a popular religion of the world. South Park did a HILARIOUS parody. Hell even Mr. T, William Shatner, and Mini Me all play World of Warcraft.

I guess what I’m really trying to say, is that on the outside, I’m just your regular average pretty boy, who loves sports, is popular, was never in the band, but deep down. I’m not only a geek. I’m an addict.   

Thanks Dad.  


Blog Virgin

17 02 2008

That title may in fact be a lie.

I’m not really a blog virgin. I’ve blogged successfully many times over at And by Blogging over at MySpace I mean posting a ton of bulletins everyday till my friends all delete me. Thats how I got here. I’m trying to obtain some new internet friends.This is, however, my first blog at So by technicality I’m a blogging virgin. 

I suppose I’m going to use this opportunity to write down things I like. Write down things I hate. Things that intrigue me. Hopefully, I’ll have a small devout following that I can give a trendy little cult name too. Like the Sarcasasites. Or, Sarcasonians. Yeah, I think that could be a little fun. I could even have them do my bidding.

I guess basically I’m going to use this as another way to inflate my ego. 

To start off, I feel as if there needs to be an explanation  as to why I chose my particular blog “theme.” While surfing through the descriptions of the themes, many of them were very cool. Like some hip trendy color schemes, or some neat look like a journalist themes, or even some, I’m a dark emo wanting to kill myself black themes. 

While all of these themes felt like they would fit me perfectly, this particular theme stood out from all the rest because of its description. “basic regal and elegant design.” Fuck yeah! Regality and Elegance is my fucking middle name!  

And thus a blog was born. 

And kids if you are following along in your book, you’d realize that a blog has been born, yet I’m a blogging virgin….

That’s right boys and girls…

The Immaculate Blog.  glowing-bible.jpg